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Dividend Capital Diversified Property Fund and Cushman & Wakefield welcomes you to 1st Avenue Plaza. Our first priority is to make certain your experience is of the highest quality and that our tenant services exceed your expectations.

This handbook contains information about services available at 44 Cook Street and 55 Madison Street, as well as information about operations and some emergency procedures. Any questions can be directed to the Cushman & Wakefield Building Management Office located at 55 Madison Street, Suite 260, or by phone at (303) 889-8321.

Information outlined in this tenant handbook is qualified by the terms and provisions of each tenant's lease. If a discrepancy arises between this handbook and the tenant lease, the lease dictates.

The tenant handbook is organized into four (4) sections as highlighted below:

1. General Building & Property Information
2. Building Operations & Tenant Services
3. Emergency & Safety Procedures
4. Important Forms

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